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Project Brief

Our diverse portfolio of projects spans the scenic landscapes of Montana and Utah, showcasing our expertise in creating spaces that not only complement their natural surroundings but also enhance the quality of life for those who inhabit them. From the bustling streets of Bozeman to the serene wilderness of Big Sky and the exclusive environs of The Yellowstone Club, our projects reflect a deep understanding of the local environment and community needs. In Helena, Missoula, and Billings, our work contributes to the cultural fabric of these communities, marrying functionality with aesthetic beauty.

In Big Timber and White Sulphur Springs, our designs navigate the balance between modern life and the preservation of natural beauty, creating spaces that serve as a refuge and a place of gathering. Emigrant and Three Forks further showcase our ability to design for rural and agricultural landscapes, enhancing the connection between land and people. Gallatin County’s diverse environments have allowed us to demonstrate our versatility in landscape architecture, creating spaces that are both innovative and reflective of Montana's natural heritage.

Expanding our reach into Utah, our affordable housing parkland and playground projects in Springville and Layton underline our commitment to extending our landscape architectural services beyond Montana. These projects embody our firm's ethos of integrating sustainable practices with creative design solutions, contributing to the development of communities that value both environmental responsibility and quality of life.

Each location within our portfolio has provided unique challenges and opportunities, allowing us to grow and refine our approach to landscape architecture. Our projects, characterized by their sustainability, beauty, and functionality, stand as a testament to our dedication to enhancing landscapes for future generations. Through our work in these varied locales, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in landscape architecture, creating spaces that resonate with people and places alike. We look forward to expanding our project portfolio into Idaho and Wyoming as well.