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Smartscape™ a term inContour coined and trademarked in 2021, which describes our unique approach to designing sustainable landscapes. As a discerning individual, you know the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness. That's why we offer curated, sustainable landscapes and developments that not only meet your needs but also responsibly address future concerns. Our high aesthetic standards ensure that you'll not only enjoy your surroundings but also appreciate the beauty of the environment.

Our Smartscaping™ approach entails:
  • Plant selection: Our planting plans consist of native, drought-tolerant, deer-resistant (if applicable), low-maintenance, and native bird and pollinator-friendly plant species. This helps to create landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also support the local ecosystem and require less maintenance and resources.

  • Hardscape materials: We consider the sustainability, source location, transportation costs, and durability of hardscape materials, such as pavers, walls, and other structures, when designing a landscape. This ensures that the landscape is built to last and has a minimal environmental impact.

  • Landscape lighting: Our approach to landscape lighting includes energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs, and is designed to enhance the beauty and safety of the landscape while incorporating dark skies guidelines to minimize light pollution for both wildlife and stargazers

  • Irrigation: Our irrigation design incorporates low water use design and technology, including drip irrigation and smart controllers that adjust watering based on weather and plant needs. This helps to conserve water and reduce water bills. We design all of our irrigation in house, and all of our designers design irrigation plans, which makes our designs more cohesive, practical, and lower maintenance than would be the result if we outsourced irrigation design.

  • Site Grading: Proper site grading ensures that water flows away from the foundation of the building and other structures, preventing water damage and drainage issues. We carefully assess the site and design the grading plan to ensure that the landscape functions efficiently and effectively, making the most out of capturing and slowing storm runoff, while also complementing and enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

  • Firewise guidelines: When applicable, we incorporate Firewise guidelines into our Smartscaping™ approach, which provides an added layer of defense in case of a wildfire while also helping to reduce homeowner insurance costs.

  • Quick establishment: Our Smartscapes™ establish quickly, providing enjoyment from the first growing season. This means that our clients can start enjoying their new landscape sooner, without having to wait for plants to mature. Overall, our Smartscaping™ approach provides a sustainable and functional design solution that prioritizes the long-term health and beauty of the landscape, while also minimizing environmental impact and maintenance requirements.

Our unique Smartscaping™ approach implements environmentally sensitive strategies to ensure sustainability at every stage of a project. From the sourcing of plants and materials to accounting for their eventual end point, we consider every aspect of a project's carbon footprint to provide a truly sustainable solution. Our landscapes sequester carbon, clean the air and water, increase energy efficiency, restore habitats, and create value through significant economic, social, and environmental benefits. Every project we undertake incorporates these values, techniques, and goals, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible results.

a fenced in area with a fence and flowers
a fenced in area with a fence and flowers
a bee on a flowery field with a bee on it
a bee on a flowery field with a bee on it
a house with a rock garden and a stone path
a house with a rock garden and a stone path
Revolutionizing Landscape Architecture: inContour's Smartscape™ Approach

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Smartscaping DIY: Let Us Help You Get Started

We understand that creating the perfect outdoor space can be a daunting task. That's why we offer consultation services for clients who are unsure of what they want, are unready to commit to design launch, or simply want to meet with a professional to discuss ideas without the pressure of a commitment.

During a consultation, our experienced landscape architects will work with you to determine your vision for your outdoor space or project. We will listen to your ideas, discuss your goals, and help you prioritize your needs and wants.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to enhance an existing landscape, we can provide the guidance and expertise you need to achieve your desired results. We offer consultations both in our office and on-site, depending on your preference. In either location, we will provide you with a thorough assessment of your property and its potential, including a review of any existing features and a discussion of possible design solutions.

So if you're unsure of where to start, what your project needs are, or simply want to discuss your ideas with a professional, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to help you bring your vision to life!

Note: Residential Consultations require a non-refundable appointment deposit and are billed at our current hourly rates and payment is due at time of service.